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Fundamentally administered with thorough professional ethics, US indigenously deals with brand reputation management & product market development across B2B, B2C & B2E spheres.

In quest to fortify our client’s engagement with its stakeholders, we seamlessly blend traditional & new age marketing practices to provide a multidimensional array of services that principally includes:

Strategic Communication

Irrespective of being young or seasoned, it is imperative for every business to have a perception scan of its stakeholders before devising its next level of communication. Universal Selective, through custom designed research methodology, conducts brand perception audit to determine precise public opinion about the business; thus the reality check to fill the gaps through calibrated communication design.

The phase includes evaluating the brand perception audit followed by the communication objective setting. The exercise also involves stakeholder mapping to help position the brand, marketing activity design, communication channel identification & laying grounds for brand alliance & partnerships.

  1. “Strong Roots, Sugary Fruits”

In the prevailing volatile market conditions, the concept of strategic Corporate Communication can very well be justified from the phrase “Strong Roots, Sugary Fruits”. Apt communication at the organisational level fortifies the group brand foundation that is leveraged in the form of building better transparency & confidence with the stakeholders, easier product brand extensions & most importantly extended business revenues by commanding significant brand premiums.  Focussed towards meeting your organisational goals, we devise concrete communication strategy & documentation at the group level & are well equipped in terms of advance knowledge & systems to execute it to precision.  Corporate Communication is a fine art of storytelling & we have mastered to narrate it with morale. (Key Message Development + Corporate Documentation)

  1. Modesty is passé, Attitude Sells”
  • Gone are the reigns of marking brand differentiation solely on the basis of product quality, as we thrive across an age of “quality compulsive markets” where every company is genuinely producing superior quality products. The pitch of cost effectiveness is also not satisfactory enough to lure the new audience that doesn’t want to compromise on the brand quotient & are willing to shell out a premium, provided your product reflects the attitude that can be passed on to its peer group/the customer. US helps positioning the product niche amongst the noise & clutter of competition by means of unique marketing solutions, well-calibrated to be exercised across diverse media vectors. (Key Message Development + Marketing Documentation)

Post the communication strategy design, the brand USP or essence is being squeezed to frame relevant media specific content that primarily includes Corporate/Product brochure, catalogues, company presentations (static & multimedia), website, blog, images & videos, documentary, jingles, whitepapers, etc. US embed a prolific team of professional content writers & visual design artists that ensures the apt message delivery in an uber creative format.

US involve advance tracking technology to count your footprints in print, electronic & digital media domain. A must do exercise to evaluate your PR efforts & keep account of your brand’s news coverage.

In a fiercely competitive environment where media outreach absorbs a fat share of investment, it’s advisable to have right partners on board that may very well align with your brand ecosystem & add value in terms of sharing their domain expertise & individual brand equity. US indigenously deals with finding you with the right partners & erect cross marketing platforms to help compliment & club your respective brand equities to amplify the campaign.

With client specific directive strategy forming the rationale, US is indulged in cross-boundary media engagement & interface.  Holding an enviable network of journalists serving across multiple business streams & markets, US insightfully carries the brand story beyond the accessible media & awards it with intense outreach on national & international scale.

The action progresses from media kit design to developing brand stories with a newsroom perspective & garnering coverage across potential media.  The service also encompasses organizing press conferences, press release dissemination, media tours & media tracking.

The growth of any brand fires up from within. A strong reputation in the trade & allied circuits paves the way for an organization to gain a decisive edge over competition.

It furthermore takes account of the hawk-eyed trade analysts whose pronouncements may act judgemental to a prospective group of stakeholders.

US is profoundly indulged in the image profiling of organization & its promoters across varied trade bodies & analysts.

What more could we add to it. In an era of digital natives, social media is the most cost effective & widely accepted media for the urban markets. A brilliant marketing & networking platform to engage with your stakeholders. US social media experts deals with creating content & streamlining & integrating customer interactions across multiple marketing venues including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, various content posting sites & directory listings etc.



Irrespective of the industry, your first business footprint shall seize attention. US visual artists creates breathtaking brand identity designs including logo, business cards, letterheads & envelopes, CD/DVD covers, presentation templates etc that offers tremendous first impression to further be translated into inquiries.

It’s pertinent for each one of us to absorb that pictures always speak louder than words.

With the advent of newer markets that are potentially being driven by youth, the period life of vanilla communication has fallen short & is impulsively superseded by the ‘next friday’ campaign.

Amidst this extreme noise & ad-clutter, the first footprint of any communication campaign is exceedingly critical that indeed is characterized by the visual appeal it resonates.

Driving away from run-of-the-mill ideology, Universal Selective is judiciously engrossed in producing impactful campaign planning across print, broadcast & digital domain. This includes newspaper ads, video ads, audio jingles, corporate documentary, video promos, multimedia presentation, brand sales & marketing collateral etc.

Spearheaded by Rohit Dhingra, our portfolio includes shooting for brands like Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Toyota Innova, Tuborg, Maruti, Jinro, Mumbai Airport terminal, British Council, Indian Oil, Mauz, B Organic etc.   The celebrity list goes as Aiswarya Rai, Bipasha Basu, Hrithik Roshan, Amir Khan, Nargis Fakhri, Anupam Kher, Ross Taylor, Sri Devi, just to name a few.

The idea is to wrap usability in creativity to trigger productivity.

Any function of life today demands for a holistic experience. To drive customers through a much desired product touch & feel, brand activations definitely befalls as an integral part of any marketing campaign.

Defining innovation with experiential acts, US promise tremendous brand-customer engagement through a potent blend of technology, application & entertainment. Experience that lasts in customer’s mind & holds terrific recall value to optimize your marketing investment.

Universal Selective is the official event partner to one of the most celebrated event properties in the country including Sunburn Reload Jodhpur, Polo Day Out, Coffin Bass just to name a few.

& Event Activation

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